Part of Putting Broome on the Map!

Steve Madden, owner of Sundowner Camel Tours was one of the ORIGINAL operators of Camel Tours in Broome on Cable beach. Establishing his camel tour business in 1991, which operated under Steve’s ownership until 2000, Steve’s business flourished and gained international popularity, known as one of the icons of Broome.   This was instrumental to putting Broome on the map as a destination.  Steve sold the business at the end of 2000.  Now back at Broome once more, you can take a camel tour on Cable Beach with one of the original operators in guided camel tours. Choose yellow for the best camel tour in Broome.

Over 25 years of Camel Tourism!

Whether it be local or overseas tourism projects, breeding or racing, the animals are carefully selected according to their temperament, body type and age and are trained to suit their purpose.  With Steve’s knowledge of these remarkable animals your camel tour on magnificent Cable Beach will be one to be remembered.

Save Your Money!

Bring your own camera and we will take amazing photos for you. Our camels are an interesting mix because they have come from four different regions. As a result they are all quite different looking from each other in colour and physical characteristics. Some are a typical camel colour resembling a Dunn or fawn colour, others a very dark grey, while others are a very dark chocolate to almost black. 

This interesting variety of colours really stands out in contrast against their gold saddle blankets with black saddles and halters.  Through the Camera lens, especially at Sunset they are extremely photogenic, camel tour in Broome are A PHOTOGRAPHERS DREAM.



 “I decided to cross the Simpson Desert using camels as my mode of transport and navagating solely by compass” - Steve Madden

Read the fascinating article about the founder of Sundowner Camel Tours, Steve Madden, and his background; how he started working with camels over 25 years ago crossing deserts and taming wild camels, to creating Sundowner Camel tours.  Find out how he helped create Broome’s icon - camel rides on Cable Beach.


Save yourself a fortune and book your Cable Beach camel ride direct with Sundowner Camel Tours.  You can’t book our rides onboard your cruise ship so either give us a call or send us an email.

Camel tours Broome


Join Sundowner Camel Tours for a well-informed, leisurely camel ride on magnificent Cable Beach with Steve and his friendly camels in YELLOW.

Steve is one of the ORIGINAL operators of Camel Tours in Broome, who played an integral part in putting this ICONIC tour on Cable Beach on the map in the late 90’s.

Sit back and relax astride your friendly camel while sitting on soft, comfortable saddles, as Steve and his team help you explore the character, physiology and nature of this remarkable animal.  All the while taking in the fantastic views to Gantheume Point and enjoying the cool sea breezes. Camel Tours Broome - simply the best!


Ride times vary with the changing seasons
and will be confirmed at time of booking.


CHILDREN (6-14yrs) $40

Lap sitters (min age 3 max age 5) $10



Ride times vary with the changing seasons
and will be confirmed at time of booking.


CHILDREN (6-14yrs) $70

Lap sitters (min age 3 max age 5) $10



Sundowner Camel Tours in Broome 

Or Phone 0477 774 297


How do I get on and off the camel?

As part of our commitment and compliance to safe work practices, our policy is to give careful safety instructions to all patrons prior to commencement of our tour.  For example you will be shown the correct manner of mounting and dismounting the camel prior to being seated – we have people on both sides of the camel to assist you.  Mounting and dismounting occurs when the camel is kneeling at the beginning and end of your ride (you won’t need a ladder!)

Why is there a weight limit of 90kgs per person?

Camels, whilst powerful animals, work most days on the beach.  As part of our commitment to the ongoing optimal health and safety of our animals we have introduced the weight limit of 90kg per person.  This limit is well within their lifting capacity, thus keeping their backs strain free, comfortable and happy; as a result we are very strict on this weight limit and we thank you in advance for your appreciation of our caring for our animals.

Do camels carry water in their hump?

No they do not.  The hump is usually full of fat; whilst there is a bit of fluid mixed within the fat, the size of a camel’s hump is a reflection of the camel’s condition – the bigger the hump the fatter the camel.

Do camels spit?

As a rule camels generally do not spit.  Generally this would only occur if antagonised, or feeling some degree of discomfort or stress.  Some camels make a noise when they begin to stand up from the kneeling position due to the exertion of lifting; if chewing their cud at this time some contents may fall out of their mouth (they sometimes ‘talk with their mouth full’ when they get up).


We thoroughly enjoyed our Sunset camel ride with Sundowner Camel Tours, the staff were very knowledgeable, and took some good photos on everyone’s cameras, mobiles etc, would recommend them.
Pauline Byass, Perth

My name is Brittany and I’m ten years old from Perth. I got to ride Elvis. He’s the biggest camel on the beach I think.  I got to learn about him and where he comes from and now Steve is helping me with information about camels so I can show in class when I get back to school.

Never been on a camel before and to be completely honest, never wanted to. But from the minute I met Steve, I felt safe. Arguably the most informed guy in Australia on all things camel. This guy has been there, seen it done it all. If you want an hour on a camel on one of the best beaches in the world with the knowledge and profound insight into these curious creatures and there historic voyage through history book with sundowner camel tours. It was the highlight of my visit to Broome!

We first visited Broome in 2000, on our honeymoon. Of course we did a camel tour at sunset as most newly married and romantic young people probably do!

Our next trip to Broome in 2014 was slightly different. This time we bought our three young children along! How life changes! I must say though that despite our circumstances being somewhat different (chaotic, noisy, romantic …hah, yeah right), the camel trip at sunset was greatly anticipated and the highlight of our time in this lovely town. The sheer simplicity and quietness of riding a camel on the sand with a glorious beach and sunset as a backdrop brought back memories for my husband and I and I am so glad we got to share it with our kids. Perhaps one day they too will share the experience with their kids.


My family enjoyed a wonderful sunset camel ride last September on my son’s 8th birthday. It was a brilliant experience with all of the family made to feel special and safe.  The guides were very friendly and helpful as well as obliging photographers, and the camels were beautiful creatures with such individual personalities. We loved the experience and will remember it forever.
Leongatha, Vic